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A True Story of a teacher's adventures from beyond

Grosvenor House Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1781483428   (Paperback)

*Also available in eBook format


This is a true story of unexpected, real life spirit-communication experiences from a real teacher in and outside the classroom that should interest all of us who always thought it only happened to others.


His travels take him overseas where he discovers an uncanny psychic and spiritual ability to ‘tune in’ to local people’s lives and occasionally even deceased students or their families too.


Imagine feeling the presence of your students DECEASED family members in spirit whilst teaching a class. Add to that, discovering the death of a student that should have been in the classroom but never made it and letting the new teacher/lecturer know later in spirit. This is his experience shared with you.


From the banging noises of spirit in an empty classroom to personal objects mysteriously disappearing and then reappearing -you can follow the author, as he shares the experiences on his travel and teaching adventures with those around him.


The author of Spirits in The Classroom, Jonny Angels now periodically still teaches whilst occasionally attending a well-known spiritualist development college near London.



Teacher, author  and Spiritualist

       In this True Story of a practicing teacher includes;


**    A noisy entity makes itself known to the author in

       the classroom


**   A hotel receptionist in tears as spirit of her parents

       makes spirit contact through the author


**  Sudden face to face spirit communication with deceased

      student awakens him in an empty dormitory and verified later


**  genuine spirit photography

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